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  • DJ and Music Producer
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DJ carlos was born artistically twenty years ago in the first club of Rome offering electronic music. In 1994 he became dj resident at Snaporaz Underground Club.
At the same time he became part of "Mondo Radio Centro Italia", opened his recording studio and recorded his first album with dj Vortex and Arpa's Dream.
Currently he works in the best Italian disco clubs often at the after hours and is creating with Manny Ribeira the label Ola Del Mar Records.

Dj Carlos

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31/12/2011 Capodanno 2011 1830 Disco - Monterotondo - Roma 31/10/2011 Halloween Party Ristorante Nuova Fenice - Roma 21/08/2010 Sabato 21 Agosto 2010 Pata Pata Club - Budoni - Olbia Tempio 20/08/2010 Remember El Tro - Alghero 14/03/2009 I guerrieri della notte Viper Club Deluxe - Roma 12/10/2007 Electro Connection Le Palme - Ostia Antica - Roma 05/10/2007 Future House Party Jungle Club, Roma 12/08/2006 Sabato 12 Agosto 2006 Area Mito - Roma


Piazza Borodin, 21
00159 Rome (Italy)
(+39) 345 13 63 848
(+39) 392 31 88 722

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